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04 June 2013 @ 12:25 pm
Recs: Spones  
Coffe & Tea by i_msoashamed | Spock/McCoy | TOS | Mind melds, even partial ones, can have interesting side effects. | PG-13 | 904 words

Testify by anonymous | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | The enterprise crew get infected by an alien spores, and this makes them all become feral and cruel. Spock isn't affected, and so the crew see him as an outsider and attack him. He gets pretty beaten up before he can get to the bridge, lock all the systems and bang out an antidote. He saves the day after like, 4 days of being injured and unable to leave the bridge, everyone is fine, except they don't remember what happened, and why is Spock hiding in his room? | PG-13 | 10k | warnings: violence and viciousness.

Finding Warmth by mia6363 | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | It all started when Spock came back soaked in ice-cold water. | PG-13 | 2k

Scarred Beautiful by notboldly | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | McCoy had never put much credence in judging people based on their scars, probably because he had more than a few himself. | NC-17 | 18,800 words

Where Grass Meets Sand, I Am Home by hierro_y_sal | Spock/McCoy | McCoy is hesitant to meld. | PG | 2k

Time Mends (or Four Times Spock Was The Patient, and One Time He Wasn't) by umbrellas_can | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | Time mends all wound, and love grows by degrees. | R | 2,700 words

Only Here by mattmetzger | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | McCoy is an overemotional man at times, but some things are to be kept private. Five names McCoy has for Spock that Jim doesn't like, and one that Jim doesn't even know about. | PG-13 | 1k

The Other Side of Love by sullacat | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | First comes love, then comes marriage... or is it the other way around? Leonard and Spock must marry or leave the Enterprise. This shouldn't be a problem... right? | NC-17 | 10,800 words

Paws and Whiskers by secret_chord25 | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | Written for the prompt: Spock has a cat and said cat always sneaks out to MedBay and ends up on the lap of certain CMO, from which Spock has to retrieve it. So a cat matchmaker. | PG-13 | 4,300 words

Honorable Enemies by zauzat | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | With the Enterprise battling Romulans in the neutral zone, Dr McCoy is finding his job increasingly unbearable. Spock may prove an unlikely ally. | PG-13 | 24,277 words | comment: My favourite Spones fic. I adore it so much. ♥

Mirror, Mirror by twisting_vine_x | Spock/McCoy | TOS | Dealing with the aftermath of mirror!Spock’s forced mindmeld. | PG-13 | 7,683 words

A Most Auspicious Star by dutchtulips | Spock/McCoy | TOS | When a strange illness robs Spock of his Vulcan telepathy, McCoy is determined to find a cure. Along the way, he might also discover a little something more. | PG-13 | 15,700 words

Still Remains by stage_longsama | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | After the battle with Nero, the Enterprise limps back to Earth. Spock begins to have nightmares, McCoy tries to help, and Nero's ghost turns out to be quite persistent. A story spanning the aftermath of the battle with Nero, the commissioning of the Enterprise, and the beginning of the five-year mission. | R | 15,200 words | warnings: Gore and violence, a mild spoiler for the TOS episodes, “The City on the Edge of Forever” and "The Galileo Seven." Spoilers for the 2009 movie. Psychological trauma and discussion of it.

Bones and the 2.0 by andrealyn | Spock/McCoy, Spock!Prime/McCoy!Prime | Reboot | At first, Jim had thought it only a prank. Turns out, you don't joke about McCoy Prime being on the ship. He just is. | PG-13 | 3,512 words

Memories Make the Man by trekkinthestars | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | McCoy has lost the last two years of his memories, and whilst stumbling back into the life he left behind, he can’t help but feel as though he’s missing something to do with Spock. | PG-13 | 15k | warning: mpreg.

Before You're Old by jemisard | Spock/McCoy | Reboot | Ambassador Spock goes to speak with McCoy to avert the fate that befell him for his younger self. | PG | 1.5k
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