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highway princess

{ we might fall }
It's in the water, baby

Hi. I'm optimistic. sometimes over-dramatic. creative. sarcastic. lazy. friendly. love to laugh and make people laugh. a fangirl. I read a lot, both fanfic and books.
to film. cinematography. scriptwriting. art. music. cars. sport. reading. writing. photography. history. science. learning languages. traveling. ice hockey. nature. alternative rock. indie rock. cats. dogs. stand-up comedy. puzzles. chess. road trips. winter. books.
Favourite authors: Donna Leon, Charles Todd, Neil Bartlett, Guy Browning, Perry Moore, Henning Mankell.
Favourite TV shows: Star Trek TOS. Suits. Common Law. Misfits. Sherlock. Wallander. Hawaii 5-0. Merlin. Teen Wolf. Leverage. Haven. Miranda. Vicious. The Big Bang Theory.
Favourite movies: XMFC, Inception, Star Trek (2009), Star Trek Into Darkness, Skyfall, Iron Man, The Hours, Hitchcock, Lolita (1962), Umberto D, Back to the Future, How to Train Your Dragon, The Man who Loved Ygnve, Tangled, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Sleepy Hollow, Shelter, Star Wars, Harry Potter.

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